Please click on the links below from the Idaho Housing and Finance website to obtain the most current information on the underwriting process. If you have questions, please contact:

Jeff Holmes, NSP Underwriter
Idaho Housing & Finance Association
565 W Myrtle Street - PO Box 7899
Boise, Idaho 83707-1899
208-331-4759 phone / 208-331-4808 fax


Homebuyer Property Activity:

NSP1 Underwriting Highlights

NSP1 Submission Checklist/Order

NSP1 Income Calculation Worksheet

NSP1 2011 50% and 120% AMI Limits

NSP1 Sources/Uses Form

NSP1 Borrower Affidavit

NSP1 Voluntary Sale Disclosure


Misc Verifications for Homebuyer and Rental Property Activity:

No Asset – Deposit Account(s) Certification

No Income Certification

Zero Child Support Certification

Child Custody Certification

Verification of Full Time Student Status